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Stationary battery charger, DC power supply for standby or on-board systems

Product description


  • 12V and 24V versions
  • Output current range 10 - 40A
  • Easy parameter setting with one button
  • Charging phase LED indication
  • Compact design
  • External equipment (special functions) on request

CONTIS mini series of the battery chargers are designed for simpler industrial stationary applications - charging and keeping the station batteries charged, DC power supply and back-up of technological systems etc. Due to their excellent electrical parameters, they are suitable for lead-acid batteries, maintenance-free batteries - gel, AGM, etc.

Application and characteristic

The chargers are designed for a continuous supply of technological equipment and back-up systems (parallel operation with battery and load) without time limitation, keeping station batteries in a charged state and after discharging in case of power failure to recharge them. Cooling is provided by fans inside the charger. The rated (maximum) charging current is 40A. The output voltage is 12V or 24V as standard. Output current could be set in the charger.

CONTIS mini chargers use MOSFET high-frequency switching drives. Charging is controlled by a microprocessor control system. Important statuses are indicated by LEDs.


INPUT CONTIS mini 24E40 / CONTIS mini 12E40
Input voltage 1 x 230V, 50/60Hz, -10%, +15%
Input current 5,9A / 3,1A
Starting current < Inom
Recommended circuit breaker 10A / 6A
Power factor 0,99


OUTPUT CONTIS mini 24E40 / CONTIS mini 12E40
Output voltage 24V / 12V
Output current 40A
Output voltage tolerance ±1%
Output current tolerance ±2%
Efficiency up to 94%


Safety, standards
Safety(LVD) EN 62368-1
EMC  EN 61000-6-2
EN 61000-6-4
Degree of protection IP20


Storage, operation conditions
Storage dry area, -25°C to +80°C, max. r. h. 80%
Operation conditions -10°C to +40°C, max. relative humidity 80%, 


Dimensions (mm):

Type widht height depth X Y weight (kg)
CONTIS mini 24E40 / CONTIS mini 12E40 174 234 90 120 268 4





Extension set for compact chargers Contains: External light signalisation red / green Drive-off…
Detailed specification