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About us
About us

AXIMA Power is a manufacturing part of AXIMA. During last years we became specialists in electrotechnic products of highest grade for industrial markets in both Europe and world. Since our founding we focus on production of power supplies. AXIMA Power is currently oriented in developement and production of high frequency traction battery chargers.

High technological level, production process effectivity and quick processing are fields in which our company constantly gets better and benefits from its rich experience. We observe and follow the newest trends and inovations in our branch, that are later projeted in the properities and parameters of our products. Key factor is the mass production of power supplies, however our proffesional developement team is able to design an individual solution.

Long term partnerships with customers and suppliers are our priority and our future vision is to make those partherships grow and make them stronger. AXIMA products are being used by customers worldwide in many different branches. They operate in production plants of world known companies such as BMW, AUDI, Hyundai, Airbus, also in service centers of Volkswagen concern, in logistic company Dachser, in logistic centers of TESCO and MACRO supermarket chains or in Škoda Auto car manufacturer.

Company history


New production hall

We started construction in November 2022 and it was handed over to us in August 2023. 


FLEXIS facelift

The FLEXIS charger control system was upgraded and equipped with a bright color display and many new features. The most significant of them is the lithium batteries charging.



AXIMA`s R&D introduced the AXINET system. It is designed to control operation in the charging station and equally battery exchange in a fleet.


UL certification

AXIMA obtained UL certification important for entering the North American market.



The product range was expanded to include stationary battery chargers CONTIS.



Less than a year after the launch of the FLEXIS series, there are two simpler product lines, the FORTIS with preset charging parameters and the FORTIS mini for charging smaller batteries.



This year the third generation of AXIMA traction chargers was launched. The first products of this generation were FLEXIS chargers.


Production plant reconstruction

The production hall and administrative building in Zastávka were modernized and reconstructed. Introduction of more modern technologies into the production process.


AXItrac, AXIgo a AXIstand

After the success of the first chargers, the innovated second generation of programmable traction battery chargers, AXItrac and AXIstand. These two series are complemented by a simpler version of the chargers, the AXIgo series.


First high frequency battery charger

AXIMA`s specialists developed the first generation HF battery chargers. This step decided on the future direction of AXIMA Power and started continuous development, improvement and innovation of traction battery chargers.



Multi-voltage switching power supply

Expansion of the product range with multi-voltage switching power supplies.


New company headquarters

The company management, together with the administration and electronics wholesale were moved to the existing premises at Vídeňská 204/125 in Brno.


Compact switch mode power supply

The AXSP3P series power supplies are DIN rail mounted AC / DC converters.


Three-phase switch mode power supply

Another important custom product is launched.


Own production plant

Construction of the production plant and the adjacent administrative building were completed in Zastávka u Brna.


Smoothed voltage power supply

Completion of development and start production the first own smoothed voltage power supply AXSZ2.


First project

Design of control system for printing machines ADAST Adamov and first delivery of programmable controllers.


Company established

Company AXIMA, spol. s r. o. was established in 21st May 1991.


Three specialized division

The company’s main activities centre around the field of industry and can be divided into the following activities: development and manufacture of chargers, electro-technical wholesale, and supplier activities related to process automation