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Since its foundation, the company AXIMA has had its own research and development department which deals with the development of power supplies and battery chargers. In the process of development we focus not only on the latest trends and innovations, but also on the needs and requirements of our customers, whom we adjust the final products. Therefore, our development is not only about assembly-line production, but we also develop special modification of our products which are based on detailed knowledge of the needs of our customers. We also provide the supply of complex battery chargers systems and management of charging stations. Using the latest technologies, our aim is to develop reliable and efficient products of the highest quality. During the production we emphasize high technological level of production processes, safety at work, efficiency and quickness. We focus on assembly-line as well as individual production. For us, the relation with the customer is very important and therefore we guarantee all-inclusive service from the development, production and delivery to subsequent technical support; everything in a short delivery time. Each product is fully tested and it´s correct function is verified. This is the reason why the company AXIMA supplies products which you can completely rely on.

Our products