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Battery chargers and power supplies

Battery chargers and power supplies

For companies looking for reliable solutions

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Select the desired values in the configurator and select the product exactly according to the specification.
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About us

AXIMA Power is a manufacturing part of AXIMA. During last years we became specialists in electrotechnic products of highest grade for industrial markets in both Europe and world. Since our founding we focus on production of power supplies. AXIMA Power is currently oriented in developement and production of high frequency traction battery chargers.

High technological level, production process effectivity and quick processing are fields in which our company constantly gets better and benefits from its rich experience. We observe and follow the newest trends and inovations in our branch, that are later projeted in the properities and parameters of our products. Key factor is the mass production of power supplies, however our proffesional developement team is able to design an individual solution.

Long term partnerships with customers and suppliers are our priority and our future vision is to make those partherships grow and make them stronger. AXIMA products are being used by customers worldwide in many different branches. They operate in production plants of world known companies such as BMW, AUDI, Hyundai, Airbus, also in service centers of Volkswagen concern, in logistic company Dachser, in logistic centers of TESCO and MACRO supermarket chains or in Škoda Auto car manufacturer.

Company history

More posts

03. 02. 2021

Short video presenting installation of the optional equipment available for FLEXIS type chargers.

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07. 12. 2020

Ideal set for refilling water to the lead-acid traction batteries via FLEXIS charger. 

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Charging station with TAKE THIS system
12. 10. 2020

Our partner Emrol installed a completely new loading hall for Stiho in Utrecht. Stiho is the wholesaler of wood…

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TAKE THIS - Smart Management System
19. 08. 2020

Tutorial introducing one of our Charger Station Management Systems.

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Water refilling
02. 07. 2020

AXI FF WATERFILL24 is for refilling demi water to lead-acid batteries. 

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11. 06. 2020

FLEXIS type chargers enable manual selection from predefined list of batteries.

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